Geonetics is a boutique custom software development firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. Our solutions are as unique and varied as the clients’ businesses that we serve. Our core competencies in enterprise software, GIS integration, and legacy system and data integration give provide a solid foundation to deliver word-class solutions to our clients. 20 years of experience provide us with a practical, yet innovative approach to system design and project delivery

Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of software development and software consulting services to support your important data management needs. Our business analysts and technology experts will help you define your requirements and allow our software architects to design a maintainable, flexible system of lasting value. Whether it be mobile, web or desktop, we can handle your most challenging software development and legacy system integration needs. Other services we provide include: • GIS Integration • Mobile App Development • Enterprise Web data management tools • Data and Legacy System integration


There are so many great technologies available for building software these days. Picking the right one is never an easy task. Every level of the technology stack of a modern software system needs to be carefully considered for what products and technologies comprise it. Geonetics takes an open-minded, yet seasoned approach to system development. We have experience in all major software development platforms including Java, .NET, Python, and php. Our enterprise and mobile solutions utilize best practices in open standards and Service Oriented approaches. Other supportive technologies we employ are Enterprise Service Bus, Reporting, Relational Database, and portal framework such as Microsoft SharePoint.


20 years of developing software have taught us that all good software is developed iteratively, over a series of development and review/use cycles. Many business and data management needs are just too complex to model and document with a top-down approach. We firmly believe that the iterative approach leads to best project outcome in the shortest time, with the lowest cost. Our experience gives the ability to shorten these development cycles and lower overall project risk. Our personal touch to project delivery is a welcome alternative to developer for hire. When you hire Geonetics, you hire an entire company.